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Owning an eBike is awesome. It's even awesomer if you know how to ride like a champ. Learn to shred like 8-year-old Kaden or 76-year-old Barry. Here are some great tips and tricks to make you suck just a little less and be awesome.

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Ebike coaching

Skills clinics

The better you know how to ride, the safer you are and the more fun you'll have. We want you to be safe and have fun! So we've partnered with world renowned MTB skills instructor Lee McCormack of LeeLikesBikes and RideLogic. (ridelogic.bike)

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About us

The reason eBike Collective started was not just to share a passion for eBikes. It was also to see the fun and excitement and big smiles on everyone's face when they come back from a ride on a eBike.

The vision was born one crazy day after an incredible ride. Randal said to his wife Sarsha, "we need to share the love and get more people loving life on an eBike "She replied, "babe, you are a genius. Let's do it!"

The idea was run past Randal's business partner, riding buddy, and brother Justin. And that was it. The eBike Collective was born in Denver, Colorado.

Randal is an ex-World Cup 4X mountain bike racer and Enduro World Series racer, and a dude who loves to ride his bike. When he discovered eBikes 2 years ago, it changed his life in almost a religious way. Randal's wife, BMX world champion Sarsha Huntington and eight-year-old son also 'drank the kool-aid' and have pledged their allegiance to the eBike flag.

To be honest, Randal was not the first one in his family to start riding eBikes. This 76-year-old father Barry and mother Adele have been riding eBikes since 2015 and still, shred the mountains on their eMTBs like they are trying to make a run from the old people's home.

Welcome to the Collective, ride more, suck less, and go enjoy the love and the free demo rides.

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