Del Sol electric bikes


Why Del Sol?

When looking for an urban eBike solution, it was hard to go past Del Sol. The fantastic design with its true Californian free spirit feel really ticked the boxes for us. Each bike is well-constructed with great emphasis and keen interest pointed at the little details, like tire thickness, handlebar bend, and just the practicality that is needed for everyday urban cycling.

If You don’t want a cookie-cutter, agriculturally looking eBike that so many people have but you want something different, you need to take a good look at Del Sol. Trust me; you get that Californian free spirit ELECTRIFIED. That is why we sell Del Sol!

What Del Sol Has To Say About It

Del Sol i/O electric bikes take the best parts of riding a bicycle and extend them to something better and more efficient. What they do is make molehills out of mountains with a powerful and efficient electric motor; turn that commute or trip to the store into one that lets you smell the roses along the way, without worrying about the distance.

Pedal-Assist Cruiser Bikes

On another note, they’re pedal-assisted, so they won’t go until you do, which keeps the human power aspect that has been a part of bikes since the very first velocipede in the 19th century. From the sturdy Railer Plus i/O with its powerful hub motor to the comfortable LXI i/O, featuring the mid-drive Shimano STePS system, you’ll find your perfect assisted partner.

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