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eBikes are amazingly changing lives all around the world. Learn the ins and outs of electric bikes. Discover all the different classes of eBikes, types of motors, batteries, etc. We will give you a heads up on everything you need to know and learn about the fascinating world of eBikes.

eBike Battery Charging

electric bike charging

Batteries simply plug into standard wall socket to charge. Some batteries can also be removed from the electric bike and then charged.

eBike Types

Class 1 electric bikes

Class 1 eBikes

eBikes that are pedal-assist only, with no throttle, and have a maximum assisted speed of 20 MPH.

Class 2 electric bikes

Class 2 eBikes

eBikes that have a maximum assisted speed of 20 MPH, but have a throttle, as well as, pedal-assist.

Class 3 electric bikes

Class 3 eBikes

eBikes that are pedal-assist only, with no throttle, and have a maximum assisted speed of 28 MPH.

Electric Bike Motor Placement

rear mounted motor electric bikes

Rear Hub Mounted eBike Motor

Quieter. Handle higher wattage. Produce less torque, especially at low speeds. Some freewheel drag. More traction than a motor mounted on the front hub.

mid-mounted motor electric bike

Mid-Mounted eBike Motor in Bottom Bracket

Connected to the eBikes' drivetrain – cranks, derailleur and cassette. Drives the chainwheel. Higher torque – perfect for off-road. Lighter weight than hub motors.

front mounted motor

Front Hub Mounted eBike Motor

Quieter. Handle higher wattage. Produce less torque, especially at low speeds. Some freewheel drag. Helps distribute overall weight of the bike making it a safer ride.

eBike FAQ

What are electric bicycles?

Electric bikes ride just like regular bikes. Think about a regular bicycle and then add some electrical elements such as a motor, a battery, and a controller. That is a brief explanation of an electric bike.

On eBikes, you have to pedal the same way as when riding regular bikes to get it to go anywhere. The moment you stop pedaling, the motor stops giving you that added propulsion.

The pedal assist function on an eBike is what helps a rider go faster and further than they would normally go with less effort.

How do electric bikes work?

Electric bikes possess pedals and handle just like regular bicycles. These bikes are not any different in structure or components. They make use of the same parts as regular bicycles. The electric component is meant to augment human power, not completely replace it. It makes obstacles like hills and headwinds more manageable and allows you to travel further without getting tired.

Why should I get an eBike?

First and foremost, they make you smile. However, there are three main reasons you should get an eBike, which are very compelling.

Firstly, it is easy to get around, most especially in urban areas. It is faster than driving or catching the bus or train in distances under the 5-mile range.

Secondly, you get to exercise. The myth that says you don't get any exercise while riding a bike is just untrue. Any time you are not sitting in a car or on a bus, but pedaling with those legs, is time well spent towards a healthy living.

Finally, they're efficient and cheap to run. An eBike battery will usually take around 500-800watts to charge the battery (depending on the size). So, it will cost approximately 5-8 cents for a charge to last 30-80miles. These are only three great reasons you should get an eBike; there are so many more.

Do I need a license to ride an electric bike?

eBikes are a growing trend in the US. They have already hit the ground running in Europe, with more eBikes sold in Europe than regular bicycles.

Since they are a fairly new concept in the US, there has been some confusion about where you are allowed to ride them and what types of eBikes are allowed on certain trails. It is best to make sure you are fully aware of your state's rules and are enjoying your eBikes responsibly.

eBikes are not required to have a special license, registration, or even insurance to operate them. eBikes can be used in bike lanes just as regular bikes.

Do you still get exercise on an eBike?

The myth that eBikes don't give you any exercise is incorrect. Any opportunity that allows a person to ride a bike instead of sitting in a car is a win. Studies have found that eBike riding can be an excellent form of aerobic cardiovascular exercise. They have found that although it doesn't always feel like you are getting as much exercise as a regular bike, riders spend more time in the saddle as they are having so much fun. Thus, in turn, increasing their aerobic exercise.

Are there only Mountain Bike eBikes?

eBikes are not just for avid mountain bikers. There are so many different versions of eBikes out there on the market that you love. Simply select one that suits your needs. There are road eBikes, mountain eBikes, beach cruiser eBikes, commuter eBikes, even cargo eBikes. Cargo eBikes are great for bringing home the groceries.

They even come in handy for running around with children for school drop-offs or to play dates at the park.

Can an electric bike replace your car?

eBikes make commuting easier than a regular bike. They reduce the travel period to work, thereby allowing you to arrive at your workplace on time without much stress. With eBikes, you can turn up to work ready to go. I will pick that over sweating profusely and appearing tired to work before work begins. Imagine being able to skip those traffic jams! However, the most overwhelming factor and advantage which eBikes have over a car is that they save you money.

But eBikes are not that cheap are they?

Yes, eBikes can be a little more expensive to buy than a regular bike. However, you have to remember that you are getting more for your buck, a motor more, to say the least. However, when you compare the cost of an eBike to a car's cost, the results are pretty one-sided.

With an eBike, you have one-off costs of items such as the bike itself, a helmet, some lights, a bike lock, and a bike pump. Then, you have some ongoing low yearly maintenance and repair costs. With a car, you have the cost of the car, gas, insurance, and the large maintenance and repairs that are always associated with cars.

Furthermore, we have some things that can't be measured by money; such as the weight loss that could be associated with riding to work every day, the loss of hours spent sitting in traffic, the pollution reduction by choosing to ride over driving, the benefits that come with a healthy lifestyle and the higher productivity levels that commuters have associated with riding to work.

They’re heavy?

Well, yes, eBikes are heavier than regular bikes. However, you have to consider the added components found on eBikes, which are usually rather weighty, including the motor and the battery. You also need to consider that even with this added weight the extra power overcomes the extra weight easily.

If you have never lifted your eBikes, it's unlikely that you would even notice the extra weight unless you accidentally run out of battery (not recommended). eBikes, these days also come with a 'walk function' on them, so if you need to push the bike, you can use the walk function to help.

How do you care for an electric bike battery?

Electric bike batteries are durable and created to ride in all conditions – it isn't a boat so we wouldn't recommend keeping it submerged. When stored, batteries need to be kept out of extreme temperatures, and recharged every 90 days. 

Riding in the rain is cool?

Yes, you can ride in the rain or snow.  Most eBike motors and batteries are made to withstand moderate moisture from rain and snow – to prevent serious damage just don't keep it submerged in water.

How much power do I need?

E Bike power is a combination of motor watts and battery. Your need is based off the way you intend to use your e Bike and your weight. Let us help you determine the best fit.

Can I ride an eBike or who are they for?

Electric bikes are for everyone. E-bikes great for riders who would like a little extra boost to share the same experiences as your partner or friend who is wicked fast. Electric bikes are great for riders who want to go further. Ebikes are great for families who are looking for a solution for their children to be able to ride with the family, or for parents wanting to pull a heavy buggy. Electric bikes are great for urban commuters – commute to work or school, commute to your local shops and restaurants.

Which type of eBike is right for me – a cruiser, commuter/urban or mountain e-bike?

Cruisers are great for bike paths. Urban/commuter eBikes are great for getting to work or longer distances on the road. Mountain eBikes are great for off-road riding. We can help you select the best type of bike based on your intended use.

Is it possible to ride an eBike without smiling?

No. So get out there and try an eBike.

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