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Innovation, quality, style & design made in Italy.

About Fantic eBikes

Fantic bikes combine the experience of the brand and the feelings of the rider – engineering and emotion.

Fantic bikes is faithful as ever to its philosophy, in search of excellence starting from the technical tradition and design of made in Italy.

Fantic's rigorous design path, and approach to innovation flows from the idea that’s engineered, tested on the most demanding trails in Europe, then returns to the laboratory for modifications. Only at this point, after testing, does the model reach the market.

Why Fantic eBikes?

Since 2015, Fantic has been synonymous with design and technology, passion and emotion, tradition and innovation. All products are strictly made in Italy, 100% manufactured in the Santa Maria di Sala (Venice) factory. This allows Fantic to control production creating only high-quality and high-performance e-bikes that are a step above everything else. Fantic's philosophy follows four rules – GHEM (Grip, Handling, Exclusivity and Mileage). Fantic goes the extra mile, or shall we say kilometer, by testing all of their mountain e-bikes on the most demanding trails before bringing them to market.

Fantic's eBike Line-Up



ISSIMO, the new generations’ smart urban e-bike – enjoyable whatever your riding style. Safe, sporty and user-friendly, all in one. Optimized center of gravity for better handling. Integrated components, led lights, 630Wh battery, Shimano Nexus 5-speed, 20" Fat wheels.



Fantic Urban Electric Bikes

Fantic Urban

Fantic family of Urban Electric bikes, already in vogue for their class and available in road sports versions, new e-Road bikes, travel e-bikes or Urban e-bike versions.

The Fantic urban e-bikes are ideal for medium-long distance adventure rides, light off-roading on the way to work, and for messengers and students to get around the city

Seven Days Living Urban eBike

Seven Days Metro

Seven Days Metro Easy Cruiser eBike

Fantic Passo Giau Road eBike

Fantic E-MTB

Fantic E-Mountain Bikes

With decades of experience in off-road moto engineering, Fantic created a premium line of aggressive, high-performance E-MTB. Not only does Fantic use the sensational new Brose S-Mag motor which puts out some of the highest torque in the market, and an exclusive 720 wh battery (more watts than the competition); but their electric bikes have high-performance components from SRAM, Fox, RockShox, and Shimano – just to name a few.

Hardtail – Fat Sport Integra

Trail – XTF 1.5, XTF 1.5 Carbon & XTF 1.5 Carbon Factory

All Mountain – XMF 1.7 & XMF 1.7 Carbon

Enduro – XEF Race & XEF Factory

Fantic electric mountain bicycles

What’s New on the Fantic 2021 E-Mountain Bikes?

This year (2021), Fantic designed and developed an exclusive new 720 wh battery – equipped on the all-mountain, enduro and downhill e-bikes.

The new Brose S-Mag motor is 15% lighter than the previous model. It guarantees 90nm of torque and a feeling designed for the sporty biker who is looking for a prompt and powerful response. New software CPC (Cadence Power Control) and PPR (Progressive Pedal Response), have been designed to ensure up to 30% more assistance as the pedal frequency increases and immediate impulse response.

The dual freewheel technology allows you to pedal without any friction when the motor is switched off and always operates with imperceptible noise or vibration.

The motor and battery have been lowered on the down tube to reduce inertia and increase handling. It’s geometry is designed with a mullet wheel setup for 29 front and 27.5 rear wheels.

“Fantic e-bikes are the most incredibly well-balanced bikes I've ever ridden." – Josh Newel

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