eBike Tips and Tricks

Welcome and congratulations on wanting to be a better rider. With our tips and tricks, you can ride better and enjoy more while riding. 

On this page, we're going to show you some great riding tips so that you can climb a hill like 76-year-old Barry and shred like his 8-year-old grandson Kaden below. 

We're also going to add some tips and tricks on how to look after your eBike and enjoy it better. 


ebike riding tips and tricks



Riding Tip - Mountain eBike Drops

Here are the basics to riding off drops on eBikes demonstrated by Sarsha and her 8yr old son Kaden.

  1. First check the drop and be comfortable with its size.
  2. Approach it at a good speed with your elbows up, head up, and your pedals level in a good attack position.
  3. As you come to the edge lean back and pull up on the bars to keep the front wheel up and then hang on for the ride.
  4. As your wheels hit the ground compressed with the bike absorbing the impact and then slowly rise up to a standard running position.

Remember to start small on something like a curb and then build up to going big. Get out there good luck learn more, and suck less.


Riding Tip - Winter Days Fun

Ebike riding tips.

Snowy winter days often mean that you can't hit the trails, but that doesn't mean that you can't ride your ebike.

You can learn so many things on your electric bike by just going down to the park and exploring. Have a play at the park and see what you can learn. In this video, we look at track stands, wheelies, drops, and how to use the power of your ebike to get up drops.  So have a look at this video and see what you can learn and what you could explore in your backyard.  Get out there and do some shredding, and good luck.


How to do drops on a ebike

With the extra weight of an E bike sometimes doing drops can be a little daunting. In this video, Sarsha explains how to constantly do drops of any size on your ebike and shred like the best of them. Watch the video, then grab your electric mountain bike and get out there. Build up from a small drop then to larger drops.


Ebiking up ledges

90% of the ebike riding techniques are very similar to non-assisted mountain bikes. One of the main differences is when it comes to getting up ledges or step ups. When you want to get up a step up the motor power on your electric mountain bike can come in quite handy. In this, how to video we learn to how to get up a step up on your EMTB. 


Riding Tip - Ebike adventures with kids

E bike adventures with kids.

Owning an E-bike and exploring nature around you is amazing. The next best thing is having your children with you on their electric bikes. In this video, we look at a couple of tips on how to make these adventurous ebike wilderness rides fantastic and not a nightmare.  Sarsha shares a few tips that she's learned over the past year riding with her eight-year-old son. Sarsha shares how to plan and prepare for a ride by making sure that you logged your miles and ft climbed from the last ride and of course, the need for candy.  These tips will make your child-friendly ebike experience a far more pleasant one.  Enjoy.


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