Learn why we love Haro

Haro bikes were born and bred in the USA by its founder Bob Haro in 1978.

Why Haro eBikes?

Quite frankly, we had the same question when we first thought about Haro as an eBike brand. However, riding is believing, and these bikes are sensational to ride and incredibly good value for money. We were nothing but impressed when we rode these bikes. 

We then thought within ourselves that if we could own one, everyone else should have an option to own one. Many of our team members rode the Haro BMX bikes as kids in the '70s. And now, many of them are riding those Haro BMX bikes as eBikes. That's how good they are! 

High-Performance Components From SRAM, Fox, RockShox, Shimano, WTB & More

Haro eBikes come specified with the incredibly reliable Shimano E 8000 motor and EP8 motors matched with a selection of fantastic brands such as WTB, XFUSION, SRAM, Fox, RockShox, Shimano to add the finishing touches to these superb eBikes.

Impressive Ride

Haro eBikes are fantastic to ride and will truly impress, so get out there and demo one.Spend less time climbing and more time on the fun downhills.

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