Fantic Integra XTF 1.5 Carbon Mountain eBike [2021]

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Fantic Integra XTF 1.5 Carbon Mountain eBike

You probably can’t afford Italian performance in the form of a Ferrari (and it’s illegal to drive it the way it’s designed, so why bother?), but you more likely can afford Italian performance in the form of this Fantic carbon ebike — and you can most certainly learn to ride it the way it’s designed!

The XTF 1.5 Carbon is your generally badass, all-around e-mountain bike. With a high-end carbon mainframe, 150mm of RockShox front and rear suspension makes molehills out of mountains, and the Brose motor delivers the kind of smooth power that makes you wonder whether your legs have magically become stronger.

This bike is rolling on a sweet 29” wheelset. This will help to get you over that rocky trail smoothly and quickly and improve tire traction with greater grip. The Fantic XTF carbon frame angles are engineered to promote rider confidence. The laid-back head angles give you the confidence to bomb those downhills, and steep seat angles make those climbs easier.

Flip-chip. Fantic’s innovative rear axle flip-chip lets you have the best of both worlds.  Run either 29” front and back, or flip the chip on the back axel and run it “mullet” style, with a 27.5” back and 29” front.

Fantic has been a respected Italian motorcycle brand for more than 50 years. Their ebikes are made in Italy with the design, quality and performance you expect from the land of espresso, Ducati and Ferrari.

Winner of the 2018 Design and Innovation award.

This bike is ideal for green and blue mountain bike trails: These trails and dirt roads are smooth, use mellow grades and have gentle curves. They are a fun and safe way to start enjoying the sport of mountain biking. This bike will also handle blue with easy, and black trails, if you have great skills.

Class 1 ebike: This bike only delivers motor power while you’re pedaling. When you reach a speed of 20 miles per hour, the motor turns off. You can keep pedaling, but it’s a lot more work. Class 1 is the most commonly allowed type of ebike; you can ride on almost any road or bike path, and on many mountain bike trails. Be sure to check your local rules.

Brose S-Mag motor: 250 watts continuous power, 90Nm of torque. This is the same type of motor you find in Specialized ebikes. Of all e-bike motors, we think the Brose has the most seamless, natural-pedaling feel. Excellent on very technical trails.

720 watt-hour battery: This is the “big boy” for battery capacity. You get max range for big adventures, yet the weight is quite reasonable. To estimate how long you can ride this bike, divide the battery capacity by the amount of motor power you’re using. For example, a 720wh battery with the motor running at 250w would theoretically run for 3 hours. The same battery at 125w would theoretically run for 6 hours. It’s smart to subtract about 25 percent to account for the occasional wrong turn.

Customization: Because we know what this bike is capable of, and we want you to fully realize its potential, we would change the stock front tire to a more aggressive 2.6 or larger tire and maybe add a tire insert into the rear tire to protect the rim. This will makes the bike track so much better in gnarly terrain. However, tires are a personal thing (kinda like shoes), so we suggest trying a few different setups to see what you like best.


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