Fantic Fat Sport Integra eFat Bike

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Fat bikes are so much fun! 

So. Much. Fun!

As you might expect, they work great on snow and sand, but did you know they’re also fantastic on regular trails? You get the simplicity of a hardtail bike (with a rigid rear end) plus the traction, comfort and confidence of huge tires.

When you add a motor, it’s even better. Why? Pedaling through deep snow and sand is really hard work, and the wrong temperature or soft conditions make it even harder (fat bikers tend to omit this info when trying to get you to join them). The motor does the hard work for you. You just enjoy the beautiful views and the thrilling descents. 

Fantic has been a respected Italian motorcycle brand for more than 50 years. Their ebikes are made in Italy with the design, quality and performance you expect from the land of espresso, Ducati and Ferrari. 

This electric bike is incredibly versatile: You can explore snowy mountains and sandy beaches, and you can have great fun on mellow dirt roads and singletracks. Big bonus: When you’re not using it as an off-road fun machine, it can do double duty as your day-to-day commuter.  Simply add some panniers to the back and bingo! The perfect comfortable year-round commuter (you can tell your grandkids how you rode 20 miles to work … uphill … in the snow). 

Class 1 ebike: This bike only delivers motor power while you’re pedaling. When you reach a speed of 20 miles per hour, the motor turns off. You can keep pedaling, but it’s a lot more work. Class 1 is the most commonly allowed type of ebike; you can ride on almost any road or bike path, and on many mountain bike trails. Be sure to check your local rules. 

Brose S-Mag motor: 250 watts continuous power, 565 watts peak power, 90Nm of torque. This is the same type of motor you find on Specialized ebikes. Of all e-bike motors, we think the Brose has the most seamless, natural-pedaling feel. Excellent on very technical trails. 

630 watt-hour battery: This is the “sweet spot” for battery capacity. You get enough range for big adventures, yet the weight is quite reasonable. To estimate how long you can ride this bike, divide the battery capacity by the amount of motor power you’re using. For example, a 630wh battery with the motor running at 250w would theoretically run for 2.5 hours. The same battery at 125w would theoretically run for 5 hours. It’s smart to subtract about 25 percent to account for the occasional wrong turn.

Customization: If you’re going to ride this bike a lot on smooth summer trails or roads, consider a set of 29er wheels with 29er tires. This will make the bike roll faster, and it’ll increase battery life.

Add some panners and you have not just a winter fun machine but also a great commuter bike.


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Motor Brose ALU 36 Volt, Max power: 250 Watt.
Battery Fantic Integra, Lithium Ion, 36 Volt, 630Wh
Display Brose-Marquardt multifunctional display & push-assistance selection unit
Frame Aluminium frame, CNC parts, Sizes: S - M - L
Fork Rock Shox Bluto, 120mm travel
Groupset SRAM SX E-click Eagle12v
Crankset Miranda Delta Isis 165mm FAT-2 Asym
Cassette Sram SX Eagle 12V 11-50
Chain Sram SX Eagle 12V
Front brake Sram Level, 2P, Hydraulic Disc Brake, 200mm disc
Rear brake Sram Level, 2P, Hydraulic Disc Brake, 180mm disc
Tires Schwalbe JUMBO-JIM, 4"
Wheels GPM Fat
Front hub GpM 150 mm thru axle 15mm
Rear hub GPM 197 mm thru axle 12mm
Handlebar FSA Ø31,8 L.760m Rise15
Stem FSA Logo Ø31,8 L.60mm
Seatpost FSA 400mm
Saddle SelleItalia X-Land Flow
A1 410 450 490 mm
B 580 605 630 mm
E 468 468 468 mm
H 312 312 312 mm
H1 52 52 52 mm
L 1151 1160 1168 mm
R 403 413 418 mm
R1 177 192 212 mm
S 615.5 627.5 653 mm
S1 110 120 145 mm
74 73 72
68 68.5 69




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